Only genuine spare parts will ensure a long life of your tractor and its satisfactory performance.

The quality of genuine spare parts is constantly monitored during their manufacture and is the same as the quality of spare parts used to assemble new products.

Genuine parts also reflect all design improvements and innovations, which means that the machine being repaired has the most advanced parts.

Non-genuine spare parts will adversely affect the service life of other tractor components and reduce the overall service life of the machine.

Having in mind the above, our company takes care to provide its customers with a complete range of genuine spare parts at the most competitive prices.

These spare parts come from the construction companies we represent in Greece and always bear the authentic factory label. In addition, they are accompanied by a guarantee of good operation.

Finally, having been in the field of agricultural machinery since 1955, we are well aware that the tractor and its accessories are work tools. For this reason we place great emphasis on immediate customer service.

Having central warehouses in Athens and Thessaloniki, with over 25,000 codes, we manage to achieve the immediate (within 24 hours) shipment of the product, as long as it is available.

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• Thessaloniki: +30 2310 515325
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