”DEMETER” S.A. is a commercial bussiness with a long history in the sector of agricultural machinery. The official importer for Zetor, Lamborghini and Hurlimann tractor brands for the Greek market as well as the Caffini & Nardi agricultural implements. The company also distributes solely the Mitas tires brand as well as the Arbor lubricants by PETRONAS. The accumulated experience through out the past decades in this market clarifies the company’s main advantage. 67 years of continuous dynamic presence have been celebrated.

The company provides its customers with direct technical support and spare parts sales through an extensive network of dealers and workshops. ”DEMETER” S.A. has its headquarters in Athens along with large and fully equiped premises in Thessaloniki.

Aiming for the future, the company moves forward despite the unprecedented challenges, including the COVID-19 pandemic. We stand by those who actively participate in preventing and combating the spread of the virus.

1955 – First imports of Zetor tractors in Greece.
1957 – Establishment of the company “DEMETER” with a joint venture of SEKE and AGREX. Pioneering in the mechanization of Greek agriculture.
1966 – Completion of a privately owned building in Thessaloniki.
1976 – First introduction of Lamborghini tractors in Greece, on behalf of SDF group.
1973 – Second generation assumes the administration
1983 – Assembly of Zetor tractors with Greek and Czech technicians in Thessaloniki at the branch on Gianitson Street.
1990 – Completion of a new building that houses until today the company’s headquarters in Athens.
2005 – Reward for the company’s 50-year contribution to the mechanization of Greek agriculture by the GME.
2009 – Relocation of the branch of Northern Greece to Diavata, Thessaloniki.
2021 – First import of Hurlimann tractors by the company on behalf of SDF group.

Goddess Demeter: Powerful ancient Greek deity of nature and agriculture.

Being active for so many years, we operate with responsibility, always taking into consideartion the importance of our position. Feeling as an active member of the community, the company has offeredrepeates sponsoring to cultural events, donations to victims of natural disasters, equipment to schools and other acts of social support.

The basic principles we have followed all these years and still continue to adopt are:

1. The future for us is clearly more important than the present .

2. Customers must remain satisfied with the products and services we offer .

3. Maintaining good business relations with suppliers – manufacturers ensures parallel effort on common business objectives .

In addition to the above principles, we strongly believe that transparency, teamwork and diligence, are all prerequisites for quality services.

”DEMETER” SA & Social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility means that we have or develop the right policies and practices that address each of the following:

• Business dignity and transparency

• Work practices and relationships

• Environmental systems as well as Safety $ Hygiene systems

• Human rights

Our commercial and operational philosophy , these six decades , has always been to maintain high quality services in a competitive environment which requires forward thinking and high level knowledge in all areas .

Our success relies on the quality of the products we sell and the on level of service we provide after sale , thus creating a true relationship with the customer over time.

For additional information about the company and our products , please contact us via the contact page .